The Pursuit of Imagination

By Holly B.F. Warren (Atelierista and creator of the Think Tank) When the mind wanders, it errs: It goes astray and on its way it stumbles on mistakes. Or are they mistakes? Could they be mischievous insights that could kindle and sustain imagination? How? By looking at them from a different perspective. Turning them upside down […]

Completing ourselves

By Pablo Boullosa (Half-time writer, half-time broadcaster and half-time unofficial teacher; author of El corazón es un resorte; CIRCE Board of Advisors member) HALF LIGHT The moon we see today, says a poem by Jorge Luis Borges, is not the same moon they saw in remote times: …long centuries of human wakefulness have left it brimming […]

I Turned My Virtual Classroom into a Talk Show: Re-imagining School During a Pandemic

By Jason B. Allen (Special Education teacher, education activist and blogger in Georgia) Our school, 7 Pillars Career Academy, was brand new in many facets. We took on developing an innovative program for middle school students in Forrest Park, Georgia starting in July 2019. What distinguished us was that our middle school curriculum was online. […]