Imaginative Literacy & Second Language Teaching

Want to share examples of your imaginative practices with other educators?  Find out more.

Literacy/English Posts

The Death Of Poetry (Guest Post By Kieran Egan)

Sketch Your Thinking (Guest Post By Teresa Gross)

Give Your Students This Set Of Imagination-Focused Tips For Report Writing (Guest Post By Marlene Roseboom)

Two OnLine Resources To Support Imaginative Language Teaching (Guest Post By Susan Lavallee)

One Theme For The Entire Year? (Guest Post By Marlene Roseboom)

Aristotle And A Leather Jacket: An Example Of Concept-Centered Teaching (Guest Post By Dr. Tim Waddington)

Literacy And Driving In Screws With A Hammer (Guest Post By Dr. Kieran Egan) 

Teaching Poetry From The Inside Out (Guest Post By Marlene Roseboom)

For The Love of Language:  How To Inspire Students

The Controversial Origins Of The Encyclopedia


Second Language Teaching Posts 

‘All Real Living Is Meeting’: Using The Cognitive Tools Of Imaginative Education To Teach Culture To Second Language Learners (By Greta Visscher-Pau)

Calling All Second Language Teachers!  What’s In Your Toolkit?

How Imagination Supports Teaching Adults English As A Foreign Language (EFL) (Guest Post By Carolina Lopez)

The Wonder of Sounds: An Imaginative Approach To Teaching Phonetics (Guest Post By Andrea Leeburn)


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