How To Engage Our Imaginations As Educators

By Carolina López (MEd in Imaginative Education; Director/Co-Founder Educación Imaginativa de México) The role of imagination in education wasn’t always a topic as popular as it is becoming today. Educators around the world are being proactive about engaging students’ imaginations in learning. But I think we’ve been delaying the conversation about the importance of developing teachers’ […]

What Is Worth Knowing In Science?

By Judy Dabideen-Sonachansingh (MEd in IE, Chemistry Teacher) As a child, I questioned everything, much to the dismay of my father, to whom most of my questions were directed. He would often tell me to read a book on the topic of interest, but that would then lead to more questions. This curiosity developed an […]

Talking Images

Imagery can turn a curriculum outcome or dry piece of info into a vital part of a fascinating, compelling story — Kate Charette (@kate_charette) Last night #imaginEDchat was all about IMAGERY. More than 35 educators from all over the planet spent an hour discussing the power of imagery for learning. Here are few snap shots of the discussion–notice the […]

I Tell (Math) Stories.

By Gabriel Mateescu   (MEd. Imaginative Education, Math Teacher Surrey School District) When you hear the word imagination what do you think of? I doubt many of you reading this initially thought of Math. Yet Math and imagination are closely linked. The greatest mathematical minds in our history had immense imagination to create and discover new connections […]

#imaginEDchat begins

What a rush! #imaginEDchat was a big success last night!  I am so pleased to meet imaginative educators around the galaxy and to start to build connections.   My “master plan” is to facilitate conversations about imagination that go deeper and, ultimately, to create a community where we can share resources and support each other’s imaginative work. Miss last […]