Hear From LiD Teachers

Insights, Ideas, & Perspectives on LiD

Reflecting on LiD: The Italian Experience (By Carolina Bergonzoni)

Re-imagining How We Engage Students in Self-Assessment (By Nicole Kunkel)

LiD is coming to Brazil! (By Carolina Bergonzoni)

Why LiD? Why Now? (By Nicole Kunkel)

LiD International: Update on Learning In Depth Programs In Busan, South Korea (By Hoy-Yong Kim)

Showing The Knowing: 4th Annual Learning in Depth (LiD) Open House (By Tara Scott)

LiD & The Library: Reflections From 3 Teacher-Librarians (By Gillian Judson)

Un-LiD-Ing Creative Genius:  Aufemina (By Judy Dabideen-Sonachansingh)

Learning In Depth Meets Imaginative Ecological Education (By Gillian Judson)

I’m A LiD Kid:  I Study Pests (By Kristen Swaren, LiD Kid, Grade 6)

A Reflection On Five Years Of Learning In Depth (By Terri Zolob)

Learning In Depth: We Are Thinkers, We Are Communicators, We Are Creators (Guest Post By Tara Scott)

Give LiD A Try? (Guest Post By Jocelyn McIntosh)

Recommendations For Running A Successful Learning In Depth Program In Your School (Guest Post By Ian Thomas)

Doing Learning In Depth (LiD): 10 Tips For Success (Guest Post By Courtney Robertson)

How LiD Connects To Curriculum Topics In Ms. Cowan’s Classroom (Guest Post By Olwen Cowan)

Why Learning in Depth? (Guest Post By Linda Holmes)

Putting Principles Of The Learning In Depth Program (LiD) Into Practice (Guest Post By Yamanda Kaychouhi Boukmakh)

B.C.’s Learning In Depth Program Lets Kids Take The Lead In Learning 

Learn From LiD Kids!

“The more you know about something the easier it is to be imaginative about it.” (By Kieran Egan)

The Magic of LiD:  Moving Learning Beyond Classroom Walls (By Kavita Hoonjan)

LiD #imaginEd


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