An Imaginative Approach to Teaching Literacy in the Primary Classroom

Judith Ameresekere (MEd in Imaginative Education, lover of literacy, and Primary Educator) Teaching grade two students how to write well is no walk in the park. Typically, in a given year, I have a few students who absolutely love writing and are skilled at using their imagination in their writing. However, a vast majority of […]

YouTube: Greatest Science Book EVER?

By Brandon Hendrickson  YouTube is a firehose of garbage: gossip, fake news, and conspiracy theories. It’s also the greatest science book humanity has ever written. Armed with YouTube, you can begin for your students a science education that, before ten years ago, the wealthiest people in the world couldn’t have accessed — one that’s trustworthy, […]

Imaginative Education: Teaching That Connects the Head and the Heart

This article was written for a graduate seminar and shaped as a fictional magazine interview. By Jennie Allester Harvey (SFU MEd student in Imaginative Education and elementary school teacher in North Vancouver, B.C.) Imagine Magazine interviewed MEd candidate and North Vancouver teacher Jennie Allester Harvey about her experience with Imaginative Education. Hi Jennie, nice to meet […]