Imaginative Math & Science Education

Want to share examples of your imaginative practices with other educators? Here’s how.

Imaginative Math Teaching: Examples

Read how Imaginative Educators are reconceptualizing how we teach Mathematics to students. Below you will find a variety of topics surrounding Math education, explore the possibilities IE in Math has to offer!

  • Creativity in Math Education: Posts on sparking creativity and wonder in the Math classroom.
  • Imagination in Math Education: Tips on engaging and growing imagination in the Math classroom.
  • Indigenous Perspectives in Math Education: Employing Indigenous frameworks in the Math classroom.
  • Imaginative Elementary Math Teaching: Hear from Elementary teachers the ways they have effectively connected their students to Math.
  • Math’s Heroic Qualities: How finding the Heroic Qualities of Math can evoke our students’ emotions.
  • The Power of Story in Math: Hear how finding the Story in Math will identify the emotional significance of the topic you are teaching.


On Creativity
On Imagination
Indigenous Perspectives

Imaginative Science Teaching: Examples#imaginED Egan1

Read how teachers are making Science come ALIVE for students of all ages. Below you will find a variety of topics surrounding Science education, explore the possibilities IE in Science has to offer!

  • Ecological/Placed-Based Inquiry: Utilizing the natural environment in Science Education.
  • Imaginative Secondary Science Insights: Insights from Secondary School Science Educators.
  • Resources for Imaginative Science Teachers: Helpful resources for Science teachers wanting to improve their educational practice.
  • Science and Art: Incorporating visual arts in Science education.
  • Science and Reading: Incorporating literacy techniques in Science education.
  • Imaginative Elementary Science Teaching: Imaginative approaches to Elementary Science education.


Eco/Place-Based Inquiry
Imaginative Science Insights





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