The Mighty Peacock Mantis Shrimp Colouring Page!

Woohoo! First colouring page! This, my Lovelies, is a Mantis Shrimp. One of the most fascinating creatures around (and a personal favourite). It hunts using those club-like appendages that look like big arms out front. With the same speed as a 22 calibre bullet leaving a gun’s chamber, it fires those arms out, hitting its […]

Inspiration! 3 Resources For Imaginative & Ecological Teaching

IEE inspirations of the week: New to IEE? Learn more about Imaginative Ecological Education.  See how these resources reflect principles of Feeling, Activeness, and Place. #1 Wonders in the streets… Check out The nature of Graffiti and also the The Nature of Cities websites to feel inspired and to remember the living world we live in–especially in the […]