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  1. Hello!

    I was just referred to your website and I enjoy intergrating outdoor education in class programming. Since we are doing more of the e-learning this term, this would be fun having a portion of the day for a family walk.

    Do you have more resources that could help aid my school program? Books or resources….anything would help 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Hi Derek,
      Yes, check out all the resources under the “Imaginative Ecological Education” tab. Also the Walking Curriculum resources. Lots of options.
      Would love to hear about how you employ and them during this time.

  2. Hi Gillian,

    I am enrolled at UBC in the MEd in Math Education program and we are looking at Imagination Education this week in a Curriculum course.

    I can see that your name, as well as Kieran Egan’s, are leaders in this space, but perhaps you could share the names of other professionals (ideally 3) of whose work you are inspired by or are aware of.

    Thank you so kindly for your time,


    1. Hi Janelle,

      Gillian recommends reading Kieran Egan’s main books: Educated Mind and Cognitive Tools in the Classroom. She would also point to Maxine Greene’s work on imagination, as well as Stephen Asma’s book Evolution of Imagination (not education focused, though). You might also find any edited volumes we have put out helpful because they contain the work of people from around the world.

      A few examples:

      Egan, K., Judson, G. & Madej, K. (Eds.) (2015). Engaging imagination and developing creativity in education (2nd Ed). Cambridge Scholars Press.

      Cant, A., Egan, K. & Judson, G. (Eds.) (2013). Wonder-Full education: The centrality of wonder in teaching and learning across the curriculum. Routledge

  3. Hello,

    Hope you are doing well. I was poking around your website for articles and the content there was just amazing. I’ve personally referred your blog to some of my friends who are readers and they’d surely give their remarks. I’m a passionate blogger who loves to write about Education, Technology and understands the value of good content.

    I would like to contribute an article for your website so just wanted to confirm whether you still allow guest post? I did some research on article ideas for your blog, let me know if you are interested so that I can proceed with pitching those ideas. I believe that your audience would be interested in reading them.

    I’d love to know what you think!

    Smith Jones

    1. Good morning! We have a ‘write for us’ tab where you can give us your proposal. Please note these blogs should be focused on imagination in education. Thanks for your interest!

  4. Hi there,

    We would like to highlight imaginED on the Outdoor Play Canada website Resources page. We would also like to include your blog in our Outdoor Play State of the Sector Report, a 5-year review of where the Canadian outdoor play sector has been, where we are now, and where we need to go over the next 5 years. Please let us know if you are fine with us including your blog on our Resources page and in the State of the Sector Report.

    Your blog would be included here:

    I look forward to hearing from you, thank you!


  5. Hello — I am doing a project about a hands-on immersive museum for children that has exhibits that focus on STEM, Social Studies and Art. I would love to find an article (or at least a quote) about how going to a museum such as this (experiential learning) provides children with an opportunity to make a deeper connection to the material and makes a greater impact on them, motivating and inspiring them to learn more. A sentence or two about this topic possibly citing a study would be extremely useful to me. Many thanks! Rachel

  6. Hi Gillian 🙂 I am a teacher and was instabtly inspired by your book A Walking Curriculum. I created a choice board on Google slides that includes the 30 activities from your book. I credit the book at the end of the google slides but I just wanted your blessing before sharing it with my students and staff.

    1. HI Giuliana
      Sorry I missed this! May I see the site? Thanks for checking with me,

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