Imaginative Leadership

Breaking New Ground

What’s The Story on Imagination in Educational Leadership? (By Gillian Judson)

Mission Possible: Shifting Our Leadership Lens to See Imagination (By Courtney Robertson)

Re-Imagining School Leadership: Beginnings (By Gillian Judson)

Re-Imagining School Leadership With Cognitive Tools (By Gillian Judson)

Effective Leaders are Affective Leaders: Imagination’s Role (By Courtney Robertson)

Once Upon A Time…A Story of Learning Through Leading (By Courtney Robertson)

The Leader Reader: Stories Of Leadership, Inspiration, Growth, & Change (By Scott Lowrey)

The Imaginative School Network Symposium Series

Read the following posts to learn about the community engaged research project that began in the Fall of 2019. The work brings together SFU’s graduate students in the Imaginative Leadership and Imaginative Education cohorts with educational leaders from the local community.

Imaginative Schools, Imaginative Leadership, Imaginative Education Session One (By Gillian Judson)

What’s in a Name? Building an Imaginative Schools Network (ISN) Session Two (By Amanda Van Garderen and Courtney Robertson)

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