A Mosaic Of IEE Perspectives, Topics, Ideas

If you are new to imaginED,  you can dig deeper into the Imaginative Ecological Education (IEE) approach. In a nutshell, IEE is a cross-curricular cognitive tools approach to teaching that centralizes engagement of the body, emotion, and imagination in Place. The aim?  Cultivating students’ ecological understanding.

Guest Posts

A Week Of Outside Learning: Winter Edition (By Carrie Lundy)

A Week Of Outdoor Learning: Students Share Their Experiences (By Carrie Lundy)

SLAM & The Story Of The Ancient Squash Seeds (By Tina Tran and Tye G. McIvor)

Puddles And Biodiversity (By Chris Sweetman)

Deep Time Walk:  A Powerful Tool To Connect With Life’s Story (By Denise Curi)

Forest Fridays: How Nature Can Boost Empathy, Imagination, And Well-Being (By Natalie Crowley)

Adventure In Our Own Backyard: Fostering Sense of Place in Early Years Education (By Jolene McFadyen-Nein)

No Better Classroom Than Nature: Re-imagining Early Childhood Education (By Emma Huvos)

Activeness:  Engaging The Body Through Stillness (By Andrea Leeburn)

A Nature Walk With 22 5-Year Olds:  Lessons Learned The Hard Way (By Andrea Leeburn)

Activeness:  Engaging The Physical Senses In The Natural World (By Andrea Leeburn)

Imaginative Education Brings Ecological Thinking To Life (By Jennifer Gidley)

I Love This Place!  Fostering Authentic Learning Through Imaginative Engagement (By Jolene McFadyen-Nein)

Adelle’s Eco-Art Projects & Colouring Pages (By Adelle Caunce)

The Not-So-Humble Pigeon (By Adelle Caunce)

Guerilla Geography: Engaging Imagination In Ecological Education (By Thomas Larsen and Lisa Tabor Millsaps)

Gillian’s Posts

Guidelines For Assessment Of Place-Based Learning 

Expanding And Enriching Relationships In Place-Based Education 

Engage Your Students’ Curiosity With “Old Stuff”

A Conversation Circle: Working With Our Hands & Engaging In Dialogue at #WEEC2017

Lessons On Living Attentively

Inspiration! 3 Resources For Imaginative and Ecological Teaching 

Unearth The Secret Life of Worms (Part One)  Unearth The Secret Life of Worms (Part Two)

The Walking Curriculum

Eco-Story Project (With Adelle Caunce)

Learning In Depth (LiD) Meets Imaginative Ecological Education (IEE): Info & Resources











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