Sample Walks & Recent Walking Curriculum Work

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(60 Interdisciplinary Walks for K-12)

Sample Walks from the Walking Curriculum Resource

5 Sample Walks (Includes: Shapes Walk, Surfaces Walk, Motion Walk, Texture Walk, Where Is Here? Walk)

Teachers Share Their Walking Curriculum Work

M-Kuwetem-kt–”We Walk” (By Holly Zurak)

Hear From Teachers: Walking Curriculum Stories (By PEEL District Educators)

Meaningful Acts of Reconciliation: Infusing Indigenous Perspectives in Outdoor Education and Inquiry (By Michelle McKay)

The Silent Walk: A Deep Listening Activity (By Charles Fischer)

Taking Baby Steps With The Walking Curriculum (By Lana Steiner)

Naturally Inspired, Imaginative Writing:  The Walking Curriculum With Intermediate Students (By Darcie Booth)

Walk The Talk (By Lidor Wyssocky)

Taking Senior Science Students Outside With Purpose (By April McKnight)

A Walkshop With Teachers: Cross-Curricular Walking Activities For High School Students (By teachers at North Surrey Secondary School)

We Walk:  Reflections On The Walking Curriculum (By Dina Lenning)

Deep Time Walk: A Powerful Tool To Connect With Life’s Story (By Denise Curi)

Higher Education:

Exploring Teacher Professionalism…Outside (The Walking Curriculum Strikes Again!) (By Gillian Judson)

Getting Outside In Higher Education:  Walking Curriculum (Part I) (By Gillian Judson)

Getting Outside In Higher Education:  Walking Curriculum (Part II) (By Gillian Judson)–hear how professors from the Creative Higher Education community take their teaching to streets/fields/campuses.

Literacy Focus:

Walking, Wonder, & Writing: Supporting Literacy Through Imaginative Place-Based Practices (Elementary)

Colouring Pages:

“Search & Find” (By Adelle Caunce)










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