An Imaginative Approach to Teaching Identity

By Megan Sandham Megan Sandham is a Grade 3 teacher in Delta, BC and a graduate student in Imaginative Education. You can check out @grays3rdgraders on Twitter to follow her students’ adventures.  “How many kids do you think are living on Earth, right now?” I asked the 19 faces staring at me. A bunch of eager hands shot up, […]

If I Can Imagine, I Know I Can: Extending the Boundaries of Imagination

By Holly BF Warren (Atelierista and creator of the Think Tank) Humans seek order and pattern. At first they collect information from their surroundings and, as this is processed, it starts creating paths of knowledge. Along these paths they sow seeds of associations that reach out when an opportunity is at hand. They then shake hands […]

The Eldering Imagination

By Kieran Egan (Emeritus Professor, Simon Fraser University) Much, maybe most, of what one reads about imagination focuses on children, and on how we may help stimulate and develop their imaginations. We may also read a lot about how adult imaginations are crucial to creative work and to the general cognitive benefit of the mature person. […]