The Missing Piece: Cultivating A Classroom Community Through an Imaginative Education Approach

By Gloria Tsang (MEd in Imaginative Education, Elementary School Educator) When reflecting on your schooling experience, it can be a challenge to remember what was learned, yet easy to recall positive or negative experiences with teachers and peers.  In fact, these interactions are most likely to influence your overall school experience, and ultimately the trajectory […]

A Little Patience: Regaining Wonder and Gratitude Through Attentiveness

By Jordan Mayer (MEd in Imaginative Education, Primary Educator) As an educator, I am fascinated by wonder and how it can impact learners of all ages. I recently embarked on a “wonder” journey with my students that involved several lessons outside. During my first Imaginative Education (IE) lesson with students, I was pleasantly surprised by […]

Where Do I fit? Using the Learning in Depth (LiD) Program as a Tool for Inclusivity for all Learners in the Classroom.

By Andrea Alberti (MEd in Imaginative Education, Primary Educator) Where do I fit? My Action Research project uses the Imaginative Education lens, particularly the cognitive tools, to examine how the Learning in Depth (LiD) program can be used as a tool for inclusivity for all learners in the classroom. The project highlights students with Autism Spectrum […]