Cultivating Imagination in Leadership

By Meaghan Dougherty and Gillian Judson Our educational ecosystem is increasingly complex.  In North America, we are engaged in educational environments marked by vast disparities in funding and resources coupled with the ever-increasing physical, emotional, social, and academic needs of students.  We are responsible for caring for students, for keeping them safe, in a context […]

Register for Virtual Roundtable on Imagination for Social and Eco-Justice

Dear imaginative leaders, educators, and scholars! We are bringing together all co-conspirators who enact imagination for social and eco-justice to determine what we can make possible together. This FREE virtual roundtable event is open to all leaders, scholars, and activists who are interested in the vitality of imagination in pursuing justice. Together, we will determine […]

Permagogy – Cultivating Collective Imagination in Eco-Social Justice Community Building

by Petra Mikulan, Faculty of Education at The University of British Columbia   Recently, I listened to a podcast featuring two remarkable educators discussing eco-social justice, imagination, collectivity, land-based pedagogies, and the storytelling of the earth. In EP 10 Hope is in The Collective: On Leading Within Community For Eco- Social Justice, Yi Chien Jade […]

Walking with Bozley: Imagining Possibilities in Perceptions of the More-than-Human

by Victor Elderton, instructor and PhD candidate at Simon Fraser University Note: This blog is an extension of the Episode 10 Cultivating Imagination podcast.   For as long as I can remember there have been four-legged companions I have shared existence with. With all of them I have been immersed in experiences through walks along […]