Watch Today! Cultivating Imagination in Leadership Webinars

The Cultivating Imagination in Leadership Webinar series is complete! View the webinars to learn more about the research on imagination in leadership and the authors’ stories from our new book Cultivating Imagination in Leadership: Transforming Schools and Communities (Teachers College Press, 2023). Here’s the playlist on YouTube or enjoy the videos below: Cultivating Imagination in Leadership: Webinar […]

Free Webinar Series: Cultivating Imagination in Leadership

We are pleased to announce a FREE webinar series that has been developed with support of the Centre for Imagination in Research, Culture and Education (CIRCE), the Centre for the Study of Educational Leadership and Policy (CSELP) and imaginED. This webinar series uncovers the multifaceted ways in which imagination contributes to effective leadership and how […]

Escape Rooms: The Next Big Thing in Education?

By David Evans (freelance writer covering topics on interactive games, activities, and entertainment) Since their introduction in the US in 2010, escape rooms have exploded in popularity. It’s no wonder people love them. They’re a great bonding experience for families and coworkers alike, and can turn your imagination to reality like no other. After all, […]