Hear from LiD Teachers


LiD teachers and LiD kids have lots to say about the Learning in Depth program! Below you will find a variety of posts that delve into the different topics surrounding LiD. Explore them all and a get a sense of the range of experiences and possibilities LiD offers.

  • Starting a LiD Program: How to start LiD in your classroom.
  • Why LiD?: The importance of Lid for student learning and imagination.
  • LiD Kids: Hear what LiD Kids have to say about their topics and LiD journeys
  • Reflections on LiD: Learn more about the way LiD has affected educators.
  • How LiD Impacts School Culture: See how LiD impacts school culture and organization
  • Ongoing Assessment of LiD Learning: Teachers sharing how they assess their students and a special feature on spinndle, an innovative online self-assessment tool for LiD kids
  • Ecological/Place-Based LiD Inquiry: Resources for creating an ecological and Place-based LiD experience (LiD IEE)
  • LiD International: Spotlight on some LiD schools/projects worldwide
  • Inclusion: How LiD supports all learners


To get started, click on one of the tabbed headings and read the posts listed below…

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