LiD Opening Ceremony in Brazil

Taís and Roberta

Do you remember Roberta and Taís Bento, the founders or SOSEducação? Well, they brought our very own LiD to Brazil!

Buttons for assigning topics to students

Very recently Taís and Roberta facilitated the first opening ceremony and topic assignment in Brazil. Each student was assigned a topic, such as ‘rice’, ‘counting systems’, and ‘leaves’.

I spoke with Taís and Roberta about their experience. They said:

“September 2nd is going to be remembered forever by students, families and educators of Maple Bear SJCampos. It was the day students found out what their LiD Topic would be.

For most of them, the feeling of anticipation was replaced by joy and excitement. For others, a bit of worry and uncertainty. These are all important feelings from which children can learn!

Even those students who didn’t immediately find their topic interesting were able to experience the excitement of the ceremony, the support of their family, the encouragement of their teachers reassuring them it would be great to become an expert in such a subject, and the feeling of being important – because of the photos and the recording.

Students learned what it feels like to be part of a large community of explorers and experts-to-be. They could sense the power of owning a topic and to be given the time and support to turn that one word into something big: Knowledge!

We felt honoured for being able to bring LiD to Brazil and see a dream come true: learning as a pleasant journey, without tests or timetables to be fulfilled by students. Students will experience the pleasure of exploring, collecting, presenting their findings, and the hunger for more and more learning! It is such a privilege and we hope to reach as many students as possible!
Parents felt proud of their children and were eager to acknowledge the school for having been open to such a student-focused approach to improve their engagement with learning!”


Stay tuned to learn more about Learning In Depth programs in Brazil!

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