B.C.’s Learning in Depth Program Lets Kids Take The Lead On Education

Now there’s a headline.

Read the Globe & Mail news article about Learning in Depth with that headline here.

Do you know about the LiD Program?

Here is a recent post about it.  Here is a link to the official LiD website.

News & support for your LiD program

The LiD program has been operating now for over 8 years and we know of thousands of students worldwide who are involved.  There are countless other LiD kids around the world that we don’t know about!  We want to get LiD kids and teachers talking.  The first step is to subscribe to imaginED today .  This will enable you to meet LiD teachers from around the world, hear from LiD kids, get support, ask questions and more.

Are you a LiD teacher?

Contact us–we’d love you to share your experience and expertise with LiD on the blog!


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