Living Learning in Depth – LiD Resources by Linda Holmes

Are you already using LiD? Have you ever felt stuck or lacking ideas to move a topic forward? Linda Holmes, one of the first teachers to employ and develop LiD at Gordon Greenwood School (Langley, B.C.) and long time “LiD Trainer” has created a list of tips for schools and homes.

Here are three of my favourite tips!

  • Tip 33: What movement(s) is part of your topic?

Look in your topic and see what types of movement it has. Create a set of movements that express your topic and see if others can tell your topic from just your movement.

This is a great tip to engage a somatic understanding of the topic.

  • Tip 15: What is funny about your topic?

Write down a joke or two about your topic. What is something funny/odd about your topic?

What a fun way to explore a mythic understanding!

  • Tip 9: Who is the most famous person associated with your topic?

Ask a friend or family member to help you research on the web to find the most famous person(s) associated with your topic. Write at least 3 things you learned about this person.

This tip is a possible entry point to start developing a romantic understanding of the topic.

To learn more about cognitive tools (somatic, mythic, and romantic) you can take a look here or check the Imaginative Ed section of our blog. To read all the 39 tips Linda Holmes has to offer make sure to check her website here.

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