An Epidemic of Imagination

By Gillian Judson The goal for any healthy organization is to create epidemics of imagination. (Liu, E. & Noppe-Brandon, S., 2009, pp. 207-208) In Imagination First: Unlocking the Power of Possibility (2009) Eric Liu and Scott Brandon (formerly Noppe-Brandon) consider what it would take to establish imagination as a norm in a community. They suggest […]

Making Remembrance Meaningful and Memorable: An Imaginative Endeavour

By Jasmin Ring (MEd in Imaginative Education, Secondary School Educator) It’s 10:30 AM on November 11th and the sounds of hundreds of shuffling feet echo through the school. You file into the gym, pausing to take a poppy. You scan the crowd eagerly looking for your friends and you all rush to sit together on […]

The Heroic Classroom – Engagement

By Christa Smith-Rawlings (MEd in IE; Grade 6/7  Teacher, Learning in Depth Teacher) Welcome back to: The Heroic Classroom. Over the course of this year I am on the hunt for two things: 1. Reflections on my lessons and how various Heroic Qualities present themselves. 2. Observations of how/if students recognize Cognitive Tools in action and how they put the […]