I’m A LiD Kid: I Study Pests

By Kristen Swaren (Grade 6 Student; LiD topic: Pests)

Learning In Depth, or LiD, is a collaborative hour block every Tuesday at my school. Everyone has a topic. My topic is pests. Some people choose to work together, and some people choose to work alone. I am working alone because I feel it is better, because I won’t fool around with someone and get no work done. Instead, I choose to find a quiet space in the school to work. LiD has taught me that it is better to sometimes work on my own. It is important that I learned that because I am more successful that way.

Last term I created a stop motion animation movie, poster, and clay model to teach people about how it is awful to do deforestation. It is very bad for the bears, because they don’t have a home to get fresh foods and going through garbages is their only choice. Going through garbages makes the bears pests, and that is how it ties into my topic.

In term 3, I am choosing to work on something new. You could go further with what you were learning last term, but I wanted to start fresh, and learn something new. I have begun to create a website about raccoons and what type of things we could build to keep raccoons out of garbages, yards, etc. I got this idea because I saw on the news that someone built a garbage with a twist lock. But raccoons are smart, and found a way to get in. So hopefully sometime I can build something that will keep raccoons out, and the raccoons hopefully won’t be smart enough to get in.

Although there are many, these are the top 3 competencies that I will need for my project:

  • Experimenting with different ways of doing things, and adjusting my actions to achieve what I want
  • Considering more than one way of achieving the design
  • Building on the skills I need to make my ideas work, even if it takes a few tries

I like LiD because we are given something specific to research about, although we can branch off into so many new things that we can explore, that we have never explored before. I find it really fun to be able to have an hour to explore on new and interesting topics. I think LiD has become an important part of our learning because to be honest, if I didn’t learn the things I know today, I wouldn’t know how bad the world can be all the time. Same for other people too, they would know that some things in the world really need to be changed.

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