Lines Start Stories

By Holly BF Warren Lines start stories that unfold as you step into experiences. As you put one foot in front of the other, as you hold a pen, a paintbrush, a stick in the sand, a thread of thoughts that stitch an idea to another, a movement or a drift of silence that composes […]

Words Have Bodies That Stretch Our Imagination

By Holly BF Warren Words have bodies that stretch our imagination. Their anatomy is fascinating. They describe the structure of thoughts, ideas and feeling as they weave learning and knowledge with curiosity and questions leaving loose strings of unaccomplished answers. They jump, skip, swim, and float in our minds until something recalls them to order […]

Curiosity is a Mental Wanderlust

By Holly BF Warren What is curiosity? Do we need it? How do we feel when we experience it? Why?  How many types of curiosity are there? How long does it last? Curiosity starts with a question, as a spark sometimes in the dark. It is a characteristic of experience, the beginning, or the end, […]