#imaginED: Imagination Understood

Here is a very brief slideshow that aims to clarify what we mean by “imagination” in Imaginative Education.  Please SHARE if you value imagination too! All learners, all contexts.  Imagination matters.

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8 thoughts on “#imaginED: Imagination Understood

  1. I just left a long, thoughtful comment but it was erased because of an error with the anti-spam word. Would you please change this so that our comment is not erased? Thanks.

    1. I am sorry this happened Margit. Very frustrating for you and me both. I will look into this.

  2. Magic and inspiring message
    I will be in touch.

    Take care

    PS I will send this email to others I work with.

  3. It is imagination that saves us when the “real” world is unmanageable and we need to problem-solve. It is also a safe haven within the mind when it becomes chaotic. It is what separates us, it is what engages us, it is what brings us joy.

    1. Thanks for the comment Robin. I would agree–the ability to envision the “possible” can take us many places. And when it does our emotional involvement makes it all more meaningful and memorable 🙂

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