‘Bottoms Up’ Barefoot Walk: Simon Fraser University Burnaby Mountain Campus Tour

By Michael Maser (PHD Candidate, Faculty of Education, SFU; Career educator and sustainability advocate) Walking is a highly intelligent activity. This intelligence, however, is not located exclusively in the head but is distributed throughout the entire field of relations comprised by the presence of the human being in the inhabited world. ~ Timothy Ingold (2004) To walk […]

The Chairs in a Circle

By Holly B.F. Warren (Atelierista and creator of the Think Tank) The circle and the chairs How circles weaved our thinking and actions* in the early years And was chosen as best at Milan’s design fair Going back to physical school in September 2020 was an exciting moment. An interesting concept emerged and weaved its […]

Restless Whilings on Place-Making: Imaginative Investigations in #Forestschool

By Kelsey Keller (MEd in Imaginative Education, Elementary School Educator) Every Thursday last year our classroom community engaged in the ritual of #Forestschool. The Forest was, and continues to be, a gracious teacher. It has offered enticing provocations; opportunities to solidify developing knowledge in experiential learning; compelling room to be restless; and the physical, mental, and […]