Knowing and the Imagination in Uncertain Times

By Sean Blenkinsop,  professor in the faculty of education at Simon Fraser University   Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to be part of a dialogue with Andy Hargreaves where we explored ideas connected to educational leadership and the imagination.  And, thanks to all present, it was an interesting and engaging hour though we might […]

Curiosity, Imagination, Creativity and Action: A new approach to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

By Andy Hargreaves, Visiting Professor at the University of Ottawa and Research Professor at Boston College Note: This blog is an extension of the Cultivating Imagination podcast Episode 2: Shared Spaces, Multiple Voices- Imagining Inclusive and Sustainable Educational Ecosystems with Sean Blenkinsop and Andy Hargreaves     A few years ago, I was elected President of […]

Imagination Is…

by Vidya Shah, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at York University   I’m so very grateful for the opportunity to have been in conversation with Jacqueline Lawrence, Stephen Hurley, and Meaghan Dougherty in Episode 1 of the Cultivating Imagination podcast. What a life-giving conversation that was! Below I share some thoughts on imagination […]