The Walking Curriculum Colouring Page!

Here’s a fun little thing to do at home and think about when you’re taking part in the Walking Curriculum. See if you can spot some interesting critters in here as you colour the page and watch for them outside as you walk or sit alone. What shapes are common? Any patterns? How many acorns do you think that mouse can shove in his face?

While you’re contemplating that, see if you can spot a few critters in here:

1 Deer mouse

1 millipede

1 centipede

1 acorn

3 slugs

5 ants

1 newt

1 worm

1 Ground Beetle

1 teeny weeny black beetle (I don’t even know its name. I just found it in my garden and drew it)

4 Pill bugs (otherwise known as wood lice, roly polies, sow bugs, or ‘Armadillidium Vulgare’. Obviously)

1 Upside down Orb Weaver Spider

See if you can identify any of the leaves too. You can print out a couple copies and colour them in thinking of the season. A forest floor would look differently in spring and fall.

walking colouring


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