‘Bottoms Up’ Barefoot Walk: Simon Fraser University Burnaby Mountain Campus Tour

By Michael Maser (PHD Candidate, Faculty of Education, SFU; Career educator and sustainability advocate) Walking is a highly intelligent activity. This intelligence, however, is not located exclusively in the head but is distributed throughout the entire field of relations comprised by the presence of the human being in the inhabited world. ~ Timothy Ingold (2004) To walk […]

Opportunities For Learning and Connecting (Fall 2021)

Greetings imaginative eco-educators! Thank you for all your interest in outdoor, imaginative learning! I’m excited to share some ways you can deepen and expand your understanding of The Walking Curriculum (TWC) and the principles of Imaginative Ecological Education on which it is based. Details below! You can PARTICIPATE in our upcoming webinar hosted by our great partner CBEEN! You […]

Connecting to Concrete: Breaking Through Urban Barriers with Imaginative Ecological Education (IEE)

By Krista Rutschmann (Educator, MEd in Imaginative Education) Every time we talk about Outdoor Education or Place-based learning, I think about our schoolyard and die a little inside. While others rhapsodize about the green spaces behind their schools or the creeks a couple of blocks away, I cringe at memories of syringes found, homeless camps […]