It is a pleasure to work with different organizations, initiatives, and programs worldwide that value and/or develop imagination, Imaginative Education, creativity, outdoor learning, and community engagement. The following partnerships have been a source of knowledge, inspiration, and support for imaginED:


The Imaginative Education Research Group is an international organization of professionals (PreK-Higher Education) who are researching/developing/practicing Imaginative Education. 



Creative Academic is a professional network championing creativity in all forms in higher education. 



Outdoor Classroom Day is a global compaign to inspire outdoor learning and play. 





Giving Well’s purpose is to transform the way that businesses and individuals view philanthropy and create change in their community.




 Through My Window is a multimedia media curriculum project that uses story to frame engineering in innovative ways. 





Six String Nation is the story of Canada presented – in all its glory, all its diversity, all its dynamism, all its contradictions, all its voices – as you’ve never heard it, or held it, before. 





Lifewide Education is a not for profit, community-based, educational enterprise whose purpose is to champion and support a lifewide and ecological approach to learning, personal development and education. 




Gruppo Jobel works in Italy and abroad as a creative factory in the fields of education, production, organization and distribution of shows and events, paying particular attention to both cultural promotion and artistic training. 



Pilton Bluecoat Academy is a school in Devonshire, UK, for children in years 3-6 and is part of the TEAM Multi-Academy Trust.






Educacion Imaginativa Chile is an organization researching/developing/practicing Imaginative Education in Chile and building a community of educators across South America.



Educacion Imaginativa Mexico is an organization researching/developing/practicing Imaginative Education in Mexico and across Central America.




The Environmental Youth Alliance is a non-profit charity that cultivates transformative nature experiences for children and youth in urban environments to foster community connectedness, build ecological leadership skills, and enhance their well-being.



Destination Imagination is an organization that provides children and youth with imaginative project-based STEAM challenges that apply the creative process to develop the core competencies.


Maple Organics is a Canadian owned and operated company offering all organic skin care, pharmaceutical products, and essential oils.






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