Engaging Imagination to Develop a School Leadership Network that Includes a Pedagogy of Care

By Myra Quadros-Meis, Ed.D (Administrator in San Francisco Unified School District) School leadership can be lonely and isolating. Your colleagues are other administrators who are also busy so you do not want to burden them with your questions or fears. Often, leadership meetings are full of logistics with little time to network much less be […]

Imagination + People = Possibilities

By Tanya de Hoog (Principal and possibility explorer; MEd Imaginative K-12 Leadership) Before I started inquiring into the role of imagination in leadership, I used to think that imagination was a thing that belonged to a select group of gifted artists and thinkers. I did not count myself as one of them. Over time, I’ve […]

Leadership: Taking A Look Beyond The Obvious

By Dr. Jane Booth (Leader, Change Agent, Chaser of Dreams;  Founder Opus29) As human beings, we are naturally drawn to what we know, what we like and the things we feel most comfortable with.  We are all shaped by our experiences and it is these experiences that provide our personal reference guides for navigating the […]