Higher Education in a Digital Age: Imagination Matters

Some books just push me to write—Joseph Aoun’s (2017) book Robot-Proof: Higher Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence is one of those. It’s full of compelling arguments for educating the imagination. If you’ve read anything I’ve written before, you know I’m an accomplice for imagination. The truth is, we still live an age when we have to justify talking […]

LiD is coming to Brazil!

By Carolina Bergonzoni (LiD Research Assistant, CIRCE, PhD candidate in Arts Education)       I met with Roberta and Taís Bento during their visit to Vancouver to define their role in bringing the Learning in Depth program (LiD for short) to Brazil. Roberta and Taís are the founders or SOSEducação, a project that helps […]

A Reciprocal Relationship: Learning & Growing Together

By Amanda Van Garderen (Primary teacher, MED in IE, IE Mentor) This year I stepped out of my position as an early primary classroom teacher and leaped into the role of Inner City Early Learning Teacher.  I have the privilege of working collaboratively with inner-city Kindergarten and Grade One teachers and students; in doing so […]

Recapturing My Creativity

By Roel Krabbendam (Architect, advocate and author focused on re-imagining the future of school) Previous post on imaginED: Re-imagining School I’m an architect, advocate and author making a living (and finding satisfaction and meaning) with my imagination. As my recent experience demonstrates however, imagination is not to be taken for granted: it requires vigilance and […]

Why LiD? Why Now?

Being new to the CIRCE team, I was curious why educators are drawn to the Learning in Depth, or LiD, program. I personally support the student-centered approach, and allowing space for multiple forms of learning, but I do not yet have first-hand experience with the program. I reached out to the LiD community of educators […]