The Heroic Classroom: Endurance

By Christa Rawlings (MEd in IE; Grade 6 Teacher, Learning in Depth Teacher) Welcome back to: The Heroic Classroom. Over the course of this year I am on the hunt for two things: 1. Reflections on my lessons and how various Heroic Qualities present themselves. 2. Observations of how/if students recognize Cognitive Tools in action […]

Transcending our Finitude: The use of Story in Pedagogy

By David Futter (Retired Middle School teacher, IE Consultant/Researcher, LiD Master, Lives in Victoria BC) A teacher asks his students to write themselves a letter. The topic, how do they see themselves in the future? Four years after they graduate, he sends the letters back to them. It is a way for people to look […]

Your Smile Makes Flowers Bloom

By Jordan Mayer Jordan Mayer is passionate about education and helping children fall in love with learning. At the moment, he is enjoying his time teaching K-2 P.E. and participating in the Imaginative Education Masters Program at Simon Fraser University. You can learn more about Jordan on his website jordanmayer.com.  Your smile makes flowers bloom. Pause for […]

Stories from Italy 2 – Elementary School San Geminiano

By Carolina Bergonzoni (LiD Research Assistant, CIRCE, PhD candidate in Arts Education) Over the past few months, I have been reading the documentation/testimony of Italian schools involved in Learning in Depth (LiD) projects. Our last instalment of the “Stories From Italy” series focused on Scuola dell’Infanzia Malaguzzi, but we now turn our attention towards Scuola Elementare […]

What’s in a Name? Building an Imaginative Schools Network (ISN)

By Amanda Van Garderen and Courtney Robertson (Educators, Leaders, MEd alumni in Imaginative Education) The word “imagination” has long been known as a word to describe the Friday afternoon lesson… when the real work of learning is done and educators are looking to fill their quota of “arts and crafts.” As one member of our […]