Let Us Play In Higher Education: Playful Learning ‘18

By Rebecca Thomas (Lecturer, University of East Anglia) Playful Learning 18, held at Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) in July 2018, was a concatenation of talks, workshops, gatherings and games, involving some 200 people, attending over forty sessions spread over two and a half days. The point of the gathering was to introduce and develop a […]

Engaging Students In Highschool Biology: Using Comic Strips

By Iman Dernaika (Highschool Biology Teacher, MEd student in Imaginative Education) I teach in a high school in Saudi Arabia. I am also a graduate student studying Imaginative Education at Simon Fraser University. Before beginning my studies, I tended to employ traditional methods of teaching. I would stand and explain and my students would sit and […]

Is Mr. Norris’ Classroom on Fire? How Context Transformation Enriches Engagement  

By Justin Norris (Imaginative educator whose classroom could double as an attraction at Universal Studios @JustinEdmond) Ever since I got my first set of Batman action figures as a child, I thought of my eyeballs as the movie cameras, and my bedroom as the movie set. In order to give Batman a legitimate Batcave, I had to […]