This page gives you an overview of all of the posts on imaginED that explore different educational ideas. Topics include empathy, assessment, student engagement, teacher engagement, Imaginative Education, Science education, technology, play, and Literacy education. Huge talking points–please LEAVE A COMMENT or CONTACT US!



PODCAST:  Exploring The World Of Imaginative Education (With Gillian Judson)

SLIDESHOW (2 mins):  Imagination Understood

Look Out! A Spontaneous Eruption Of Cognitive Tools (By Tim Waddington)

The Death of Poetry (By Kieran Egan)

Imagination, Creativity And…Assessment? (By Katie White)

Happy 1st Birthday ImaginED

The Place Of Wildness And Wonder In Critical Thinking (By Ira Rabois)

Education As Adventure (By Ira Rabois)

Doing Imaginative Education Without Knowing It:  Science Fair (By Clayton Stephens)

The Lure of Imaginative Education (By David Futter)

How Imaginative Education (IE) Tricked Us Into Teaching Atomic Physics…To Squirrely 7-Year-Olds (By Brandon and Kristin Hendrickson)

Scientific Animations Need Stories To Engage Students (By Brian Dall Schyth)

Put Engagement First: Think Differently About Your Students

How Playful Teaching (& Reading) Can Improve Learning (By Fred Harwood)

Tell Stories And Unleash The Drama (By Dr. Greg Lendvay)

Empathy Requires Imagination

Trust And Potential:  Growing Up Imaginative And Powerful (By Leone Payson)

The Selfish Teacher (By Christa Rawlings)

Guidelines For Assessment of Place-Based Learning

My Teaching “Top 5”

Imaginative Education Bring Ecological Thinking To Life (By Dr. Jennifer Gidley)

Ironists Get More Laughs (By Dr. Kieran Egan)

Where Is The Song In The Heart of Education? (By Dr. Kieran Egan)

Imagination Misunderstood

Emotions At The Helm

15 Ways To Help Kids Learn Anything

Unleash The Power of Curriculum

Do Schools Suppress Rather Than Encourage The Imagination? (By Dr. Kieran Egan)

The Danger of Designing Lessons For “Thinkers”

4 Reasons Why “Relevance” Can Limit Student Engagement

How To Make All Learning Meaningful & Memorable:  Teaching As Storytelling

There’s Only One Answer And It’s Always “Plato” (By Dr. Kieran Egan)

“It takes no longer to be interesting than it does to be boring.” (By Dr. Kieran Egan)

What Brain Research Says About The Imagination’s Role in Learning

Was Literacy Just a Phase?  (By Dr. Tim Waddington)





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