Thought extinct for 80 years…

….And that’s 80 years too long without them.

Keep your diamonds, I'll take a 125 carat Arthropod!
Keep your diamonds, I’ll take a 125 carat Arthropod!                             (Copyright Patrick Honan/Nick Carlile)

These are called Lord Howe Stick Insects, or Tree Lobsters. Check out the video of one of these guys hatching- if you’re not cheering for the adorable muffin by the end, YOU HAVE NO HEART! How do they get so much insect into such a small space? Possibly a time/space continuum issue, but don’t quote me on that one.

Read about the fantastic humans trying to save this incredible insect here and some of the amazing history of the world’s heaviest flightless stick insect. Even if you’re not a fan of ‘bugs’, you have to admit it’s a story worthy of Hollywood. Or possibly a musical. Written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. 

Copyright- John White
That’s no Island, that’s Godzilla’s tooth!                                                                           Copyright John White
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