The Mighty Peacock Mantis Shrimp Colouring Page!

Woohoo! First colouring page! This, my Lovelies, is a Mantis Shrimp. One of the most fascinating creatures around (and a personal favourite). It hunts using those club-like appendages that look like big arms out front. With the same speed as a 22 calibre bullet leaving a gun’s chamber, it fires those arms out, hitting its […]

It’s official! These are the cutest spiders in the ENTIRE world

How is it official, you ask? Because I said so, that’s why!  These are called Peacock spiders, and are found in and around Australia. It’s nice to finally know there are cool things in Australia that can’t actually kill you. Not only are these spiders super tiny and cute, they have the most adorable mating dance you’ve ever […]

Thought extinct for 80 years…

….And that’s 80 years too long without them. These are called Lord Howe Stick Insects, or Tree Lobsters. Check out the video of one of these guys hatching- if you’re not cheering for the adorable muffin by the end, YOU HAVE NO HEART! How do they get so much insect into such a small space? Possibly […]