En-GUAGE-ment: A Teacher’s Story On Using Imaginative Education

By Rita Shahi (Highschool teacher, MEd Student in Imaginative Education) Many teachers express frustration that their students are disinterested, appear to not care about their learning, or seem “lazy”. Whether not handing in their work on time (or at all), distracted by their smart phones during instructions, or crickets during discussions, students are often not […]

Let Us Play In Higher Education: Playful Learning ‘18

By Rebecca Thomas (Lecturer, University of East Anglia) Playful Learning 18, held at Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) in July 2018, was a concatenation of talks, workshops, gatherings and games, involving some 200 people, attending over forty sessions spread over two and a half days. The point of the gathering was to introduce and develop a […]

Engaging Students In Highschool Biology: Using Comic Strips

By Iman Dernaika (Highschool Biology Teacher, MEd student in Imaginative Education) I teach in a high school in Saudi Arabia. I am also a graduate student studying Imaginative Education at Simon Fraser University. Before beginning my studies, I tended to employ traditional methods of teaching. I would stand and explain and my students would sit and […]