Imaginative Leadership: Building Shelves

By Jonathan Sclater (Principal, MEd in Imaginative Education, @jonathansclater) I think school leadership can be described as constructing a shelving unit. There are different stages we move through, and it’s both an exciting but demanding process from beginning to end which requires imagination. 1. Orienting: Begin by taking everything out of the box and laying […]

Leading With An Imaginative Mindset Through A Pandemic: Being Curious (Part 4)

By Jonathan Sclater (Principal, MEd in Imaginative Education, @jonathansclater) Welcome back to my 4-part series imaginative series on Imaginative Leadership, this is part 4 of 4. Over the course of this 4-part imaginative series, I will introduce and explain the following attributes I believe necessary to develop one’s Imaginative Mindset: being adaptable, networked, hopeful, and […]