Mission Accomplished: WWI Student Film Project (Part Two)

The ‘Battle’ By: Corine Carey (Burnaby Social Studies Teacher, MEd in Imaginative Education) [This is Part Two–be sure to read Part One of this exciting project.] The WWI Film project in the trench was itself was a bit of a leap of faith for me. To have the ‘spark’ of an idea and then let […]

Lights! Camera! Educate! A WWI Student Film Documentary “When I Get Home” (Part One)

By Corine Carey (Burnaby Highschool Social Studies Teacher, MEd in Imaginative Education) As a Social Studies teacher for the past 16 years, and with the 100-year anniversary of the armistice ending WWI last fall, I had been trying to think of ways to highlight the significance of this anniversary to my students. I can only […]

Mathematics: Where The Wild Things Are

By: Matthew Oldridge (Mathematics Instructor) Author, baker, musician, and mathematician Eugenia Cheng once said in an interview: “If you have a huge imagination, that means you have a huge capacity for thinking about mathematics.” This is notable as we usually assume that things like logic and inductive and deductive reasoning are the main keys to […]

A Reciprocal Relationship: Learning & Growing Together

By Amanda Van Garderen (Primary teacher, MED in IE, IE Mentor) This year I stepped out of my position as an early primary classroom teacher and leaped into the role of Inner City Early Learning Teacher.  I have the privilege of working collaboratively with inner-city Kindergarten and Grade One teachers and students; in doing so […]

Recapturing My Creativity

By Roel Krabbendam (Architect, advocate and author focused on re-imagining the future of school) Previous post on imaginED: Re-imagining School I’m an architect, advocate and author making a living (and finding satisfaction and meaning) with my imagination. As my recent experience demonstrates however, imagination is not to be taken for granted: it requires vigilance and […]