Building Relationships in Leadership: Empathy and Imagination

By Courtney Robertson (Vice-Principal, MEd in Imaginative Education) I moved into administrative leadership at a relatively young age. I was a new mother, completing graduate work, when a conversation with my Principal shifted my career. This leader led with grace, thoughtfulness, and kindness. She made hard decisions that were educationally sound, and was not one […]

Explorations of Imaginative Assessment for Learning in Higher Education

By Cecily Heras (MEd student & CIRCE Academic Council member) Since late 2019, I have worked as a Research Assistant on a project about imaginative assessment for learning (AfL) in the context of higher education. The project was led by Dr. Gillian Judson and supported by a Teaching and Learning Development Grant from Simon Fraser […]

The Boundaries of Imagination

By Holly B.F. Warren (Atelierista and creator of the Think Tank) What are the boundaries of our imagination? Is it how far we can stretch it? Is it an area, a territory, an expanse or a dot in search of other dots to join with? Is it a line that moves and fluctuates? A block, a maze […]

NEW imaginED Community Voices Page

Advocates for imagination in education often find themselves justifying why it is important for all learners. Because imagination is so often misunderstood, people simply do not understand its impact and value.  We decided to ask our community of imagination accomplices to explain the why of imagination. With posts from over 90 writers (so far) reflecting differing backgrounds, interests, […]

Spotlight on the Somatic #2: Mime

By Karen M Effa (Educator, MEd in IE; IE mentor) Stoked about the Somatic? This entry is a sequel to Karen’s first “Spotlight on the Somatic” post which you can read here. “Mime creates space by making visible the invisible” (Shope, 1989, p. 15). Looking for a simple, yet significant, way to engage students and […]