Where Does a Work of Art Start?

By Holly B.F. Warren (Atelierista and creator of the Think Tank) A work of art can be created with words, notes, movement, sound, light, food, photography, clay, stone, natural materials, and paint—to name a few. A work of art has aesthetic value as it combines different elements in its creation. Where does a work of art […]

Further Reflections of LiD in a K-3 classroom: Arts based LiD inquiry

By Cecily Heras (MEd student & CIRCE Academic Council member) It has been a good first two terms so far with LiD in the K-3 classroom.  To varying degrees, each of the students has engaged in their topic. They have each asked good questions and have openly shared their growing expertise with myself and others.  […]

Wrapping Yourself in Wonder: Making Space for Wonder is the Self-Care You Have Been Seeking

By Jessica Elkin Jessica A. Elkin, B.Ed, Master’s Student in Imaginative Education at SFU, Teacher-Librarian with the Delta School District who loves stories, getting messy, and having fun.  I come from a long line of makers. My grandmother was a rug hooker who hand-dyed and cut her wool, my mother is a prolific quilter, and I have […]