Parking: The Imaginable (or Unimaginable) Final Frontier

By Craig Mah Craig Mah is a District Principal in SD43 (Coquitlam), Imaginative Schools Network Member and #BCEdChat co-moderator (@craigmah). Do you see your dentist patrolling the parking lot at their office? How about your banker standing outside directing traffic? Leadership programs and district procedures do not address all the situations that a principal will encounter […]

I Turned My Virtual Classroom into a Talk Show: Re-imagining School During a Pandemic

By Jason B. Allen (Special Education teacher, education activist and blogger in Georgia) Our school, 7 Pillars Career Academy, was brand new in many facets. We took on developing an innovative program for middle school students in Forrest Park, Georgia starting in July 2019. What distinguished us was that our middle school curriculum was online. […]