Peacock Spider Colouring page!!

Remember way back when I posted about the cutest spider ever? Well, I did. And I meant it- these ARE the most adorable arachnids I’ve ever seen. Which isn’t to say that there may be a spider out there even more “Awwwww” inducing than Peacock Spiders, but you’d have to prove it to me. The challenge has been laid.

Not that you’ve forgotten my earlier inspiring post on Peacock Spiders, but you can’t lie to me. You have. Here it is again, including a link to a site with more information. If you’re feeling lazy, here’s a link to a video of some dances posted by a fellow named Jurgen Otto.  Also, here’s a colouring page. Woohoo! You’re welcome.


Peacock spider colouring page
Peacock spider colouring page
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