Study Imaginative Education: NEW On-Line Graduate Certificate Program

I am really excited to announce that Simon Fraser University now offers a fully online one-year graduate certificate program on the theory and practice of Imaginative Education.  I have been centrally involved in the creation of this program and I am very excited about it!

Program Features

The program launches in September 2017.  Applications are due by March 2017.

The imagination and engagement-focused practices of Imaginative Education have been translated into a cutting-edge, highly innovative online learning environment.

Do not worry:  You do not need to be a techno-wizard to excel in this program!

The program is designed for educators of all kinds and from all contexts:

Do you teach in a public or private school?  Do you homeschool your kids?  Are you an instructor or professor at a post-secondary institution?  Are you an administrator?  Do you work in an alternative learning environment?  Are you involved in educational programs for your workplace?

You will study with experts from Simon Fraser University’s Imaginative Education Research Group.

You will conduct Action Research and connect with an international network of imaginative educators.

You will work with a cohort and with a mentor; you will have tons of support.

Course credits count toward TQS pay upgrade (*BC teachers).

You have the opportunity to ladder into our Surrey, BC-based, Masters of Education program.

Get a complete description of the program here.  


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