Share Your Story: Envisioning The Possible in Schools

We are interested in hearing from YOU! Tell us how your imagination helps you lead positive change in your school community.

Educational leaders come in all shapes and sizes–what they share is a common interest in improving education for all learners and a commitment to work for positive change. We want to hear from all kinds of educational leaders. Whether in regional or district boardrooms, individual school communities or among smaller groups of colleagues, our schools are full of leaders. Some have formal leadership positions and titles, many do not.

Specifically, we want to know about the myriad ways in which imagination supports your leadership.

How do you envision and enact the possible in your leadership?

What are your stories of using imagination in your leadership practices?

Of course imagination works in many ways. Imagination is not just involved in the world’s greatest innovations…

For Your Consideration

How has envisioning the possible helped you to…

  • create an ethical community?
  • support social justice?
  • support equity and inclusion?

How has envisioning the possible helped you to…

  • understand yourself as a leader?
  • understand others?
  • understand an issue, situation, idea?
  • form relationships?
  • build community?

How has envisioning the possible helped you to…

  • solve a problem?
  • think on-your-toes?
  • come up with a novel solution, idea, process or product?

How has envisioning the possible helped you to…

  • motivate others?
  • engage your staff/school community at large?
  • teach others?

How has envisioning the possible helped you to…

  • develop curiosity in others?
  • nurture imagination or creativity in others?


  • Your story will be part of a new collection on imaginED called Stories of Imagination in Action in Educational Leadership.
  • Length: 800 words (shorter is fine)
  • Tone: conversational
  • Format/Style: Up to you! We are open to different formats–video? artistic? poetic?
  • Please explicitly describe how you see imagination at work in your practice.
  • Note: Some of the stories may be featured in a book on imagination’s role in leadership (aiming for 2022 publication).

Interested in sharing your story? Email Gillian at [email protected]


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