What If? Walking Just Paths in Educational Leadership

By Lori Driussi, PhD. (Passionate educator, wayfarer) Walking school hallways, my rubber soles catch on the linoleum in the way my “what ifs” catch on the constraints of a public system. There isn’t quite enough friction to stop my progress or imaginative musings but just enough to trip me up, enough to slow my pace […]

The MeWe: Self-care as Collective Care. Imagining a Different Way for School Leaders

By Christina Velasco, Ed.D.(Leadership coach in San Francisco Unified School District) Systemic oppression sucks that creativity and imagination right out of us unless we intentionally pause and garner the imagination, hope, and resiliency to engage in social justice leadership. Given the often-unresponsive systemic and political context within which school leaders must work, the need to […]

Leadership: Taking A Look Beyond The Obvious

By Dr. Jane Booth (Leader, Change Agent, Chaser of Dreams;  Founder Opus29) As human beings, we are naturally drawn to what we know, what we like and the things we feel most comfortable with.  We are all shaped by our experiences and it is these experiences that provide our personal reference guides for navigating the […]