Watch Today! Cultivating Imagination in Leadership Webinars

The Cultivating Imagination in Leadership Webinar series is complete! View the webinars to learn more about the research on imagination in leadership and the authors’ stories from our new book Cultivating Imagination in Leadership: Transforming Schools and Communities (Teachers College Press, 2023). Here’s the playlist on YouTube or enjoy the videos below: Cultivating Imagination in Leadership: Webinar […]

The MeWe: Self-care as Collective Care. Imagining a Different Way for School Leaders

By Christina Velasco, Ed.D.(Leadership coach in San Francisco Unified School District) Systemic oppression sucks that creativity and imagination right out of us unless we intentionally pause and garner the imagination, hope, and resiliency to engage in social justice leadership. Given the often-unresponsive systemic and political context within which school leaders must work, the need to […]

The Power of Imagination: From Possibility to Reality

By Laurie Reid (System Principal of Elementary Program) and Robert Iannuzzi (PhD, Student Achievement Officer for the Ontario Ministry of Education) Navigating through this current Pandemic has highlighted the need for clearly envisioning and enacting the “possible” in leadership.  Viewing ourselves as responsive leaders who are agile in our ability to pivot on a dime, are among […]