Where Does a Work of Art Start?

By Holly B.F. Warren (Atelierista and creator of the Think Tank) A work of art can be created with words, notes, movement, sound, light, food, photography, clay, stone, natural materials, and paint—to name a few. A work of art has aesthetic value as it combines different elements in its creation. Where does a work of art […]

If I Can Imagine, I Know I Can: Extending the Boundaries of Imagination

By Holly BF Warren (Atelierista and creator of the Think Tank) Humans seek order and pattern. At first they collect information from their surroundings and, as this is processed, it starts creating paths of knowledge. Along these paths they sow seeds of associations that reach out when an opportunity is at hand. They then shake hands […]

What is a Story?

By Ava Aldrich (Public Relations Student, University of Massachusetts Amherst) When initially faced with the question “What is a story?”, I was incredibly tempted to shoot for a technical approach, and it’s really no secret as to why. After all, I’ve spent the better part of my academic career being lectured on the logistics of stories, […]