Unit Planning With Imaginative Education (IE)

By Leone Payson (Imaginative Educator & Mentor, MEd in IE) Discussing my Master’s degree with other educators occasionally leaves me feeling like I’ve poorly represented IE. I spin into soliloquies of awe and Vygotsky and Plato’s cave… and I’ve lost them. I would hope this isn’t anything to do with me being an inadequate speaker. […]

Creative Thinking In Math Classrooms

By Matthew Oldridge (Father, TEDx speaker, mathematics educator, and thinker.) When I was first thinking about mathematics as a critical and creative endeavour, I wrote this piece for The Learning Exchange (Ontario Ministry of Education) blog. It is upsetting that kids don’t see mathematics as a creative, living and vibrant subject. (Some don’t, at least.) […]

Integrating Indigenous Worldviews Into Secondary Math Teaching

A Tribute To Susan Point By Christine Younghusband (Math Educator, Educational Consultant) One of my proudest moments as a mathematics teacher was embedding indigenous education and fine arts into my Math 8 course. This happened almost 10 years ago in 2008 when the Math 8/9 Integrated Resource Package was being implemented in BC (Canada) in […]

Employing Imagination In Mathematics To Achieve Success

By Fred Harwood (in a Math Coach role for a Grade 6-7 Math Club, @HarMath) My Teaching Background: I am known predominantly as a secondary mathematics educator. I took one year of teacher training after a BSc in Physics. I was hired 40 years ago to teach Science, Socials, Math and English (yes there were utility […]

Queen of the Giants: A Narrative for Guiding Measurement Explorations Through Blogging in Early Primary

By Lindsay Zebrowski (MEd in Imaginative Education, Kindergarten Teacher) Look around the room. Which object do you think: is the longest? would cover the greatest area? would hold the most liquid? is the heaviest? The “Queen of the Giants” lesson is not one I sat down and consciously planned out with cognitive tools in mind. Its […]

Place Value And Really Big Numbers

Using Narrative and Heroic Qualities to Teach Place Value:  Practicing IE By Christa Rawlings (MEd in IE; Grade 6 Teacher) Note:  Are you familiar with Imaginative Education (IE)?  Learn more about IE here.  I am going to talk a lot about “cognitive tools” in this post.  Get more information on those in the  Tools of Imagination series.) I always gravitate […]

Tips For Imaginative Educators #16: Take Them Out of This World

The Lure of Abstraction It can be intoxicating to realize that a whole world of abstract ideas exists that can explain and help us interpret the world of our daily lives. If supported in thinking in theoretical ways, many of our senior students/adult learners quickly and thoroughly take to the powerful understanding of the world […]

I Tell (Math) Stories.

By Gabriel Mateescu   (MEd. Imaginative Education, Math Teacher Surrey School District) When you hear the word imagination what do you think of? I doubt many of you reading this initially thought of Math. Yet Math and imagination are closely linked. The greatest mathematical minds in our history had immense imagination to create and discover new connections […]

See What’s New

IERG News & Updates October 2016 Topics include: Imaginative Education: International Scene Celebrations! Collaborate With Us:  New Programs (Applications Now Open)  Connect OnLine: #imaginEDchat  Read about IE practice from imaginative educators around the galaxy Learning In Depth:  Updates and Support      Find out about the NEW LiDKiD sharing site      Hear from LiD teachers […]

Tips For Imaginative Educators: #7 Identify The Unknown

Everyone loves a puzzle. Imaginative teachers pull their students in; they intrigue them. They puzzle them. Of course, leaving students puzzling doesn’t mean leaving them confused. By puzzling I mean capturing students’ curiosity. Mystery intrigues us; it evokes emotion. The world is full of unanswered questions and puzzles. What’s more intriguing than that? Kieran Egan suggests that one of the worst things […]

Tips For Imaginative Educators: #6 Engage The Body

Human beings have bodies. Obvious? Maybe.  But few people seem to teach accordingly. The fact we have bodies has HUGE educational implications. It means that wherever we are, we have a set of tools that help us to learn new things and to make sense of our experiences. Kieran Egan’s theory of Imaginative Education reminds us of this: […]

Calling All Imaginative (Math) Teachers

Recommended Resource for ALL Imaginative Teachers: The BBC Earth website is a great resource for imaginative teaching.  The articles reveal the exotic, bizarre, unique and awe-inspiring features of the world.  They all evoke wonder.  There is even a section called Record Breakers: The animals and plants that push the limits.  Hello: Extremes & Limits of Reality learning tool! Example for Math […]