Imagination in Times of Uncertainty

By Carolina López Larios (MEd in Imaginative Education; Director/Co-Founder Educación Imaginativa de México; CIRCE Academic Council Member)


More than ever, we are coming to realize how essential imagination is

We keep talking about how necessary it is to educate our children and young adults for uncertain times.

This is it

This is our uncertain time

Are we seeing it now?

Imagination is the root of hope

The root of connection

The root of solidarity

The root of empathy

The root of possibility

When all of this has passed, we’ll reflect

And look back with our emotional minds

Finding the story we are building as of now

Is it a story anchored in hope and possibility?

or is it a story anchored in worry and fear?

This is where imagination finds its two paths.

Which one are we choosing and who are we taking with us?

A Message of Hope from the Author

Having in mind that there is not a “right” feeling or emotion during this time, all we can do is try to be present for ourselves and all of those around us, physically and virtually. Hoping this post can provoke some thoughts about the essence and the possibilities of imagination in this time of uncertainty.

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