NEW imaginED Community Voices Page

Advocates for imagination in education often find themselves justifying why it is important for all learners. Because imagination is so often misunderstood, people simply do not understand its impact and value. 

We decided to ask our community of imagination accomplices to explain the why of imagination. With posts from over 90 writers (so far) reflecting differing backgrounds, interests, and experiences, we at imaginED have a wealth of information about the power of imagination.

We are pleased to announce the NEW Why Imagination? page on imaginED. This new page features our writers’ answers to the following three questions:

  • How does imagination fuel learning?
  • What does the ignited imagination look/sound/feel like in education?
  • How can we nurture (sustain) imagination in ourselves? In others?

We look forward to seeing how both this page and our community at imaginED will continue to grow!

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