The Heroic Classroom: Patience

By Christa Rawlings (MEd in IE; Grade 6 Teacher, Learning in Depth Teacher) Welcome back to: The Heroic Classroom.  Over the course of this year I am on the hunt for two things: 1.  Reflections on my lessons and how various Heroic Qualities present themselves. 2.  Observations of how/if students recognize Cognitive Tools in action and how they put the tools […]

Imagination Matters: CIRCE’s Events & Adventures (February 2019)

Ebulletin Contents Welcome Message from Dr. Gillian Judson, Executive Director, CIRCE Upcoming Events Learn More & Participate Study With CIRCE: Graduate Programs at SFU Some of CIRCE’s Recent Events & Adventures CIRCE International:  Italy, Mexico, Chile (Sept 2018-January 2019) Support CIRCE Welcome Message   Greetings imaginative colleagues! CIRCE has had an active and successful launch! […]

Learning Environments Research: Context Matters

Learning Environment Research (LER) acknowledges that learning takes places within the social realm and that social conditions contribute to the quality of both learning and student experience. Have you heard of the #starbucksmyclassroom initiative?  When I first came across this hashtag on Twitter back in 2017, it wasn’t a ploy to get corporate funding in […]

An Impact Story: Environmental Youth Alliance

By Emily Keller (Executive Director, Environmental Youth Alliance) “My favourite bird is an eagle, I’m seventeen, and I’m from the Siksika Nation in Alberta.” That’s Aviva Davis, a student at Cedar Walk alternate school. She’s also a participant in Wildlife Stewards, a new EYA pilot program engaging 10 Indigenous youth-in-care, their teacher, and two youth […]

Study Imaginative Education: NEW On-Line Graduate Certificate Program

I am really excited to announce that Simon Fraser University now offers a fully online one-year graduate certificate program on the theory and practice of Imaginative Education.  I have been centrally involved in the creation of this program and I am very excited about it! Program Features The program launches in September 2017.  Applications are due by March 2017. […]