The Not-So-Humble Pigeon

(This is a recent addition to our Eco-Story Project.  If you want to engage your students’ sense of wonder at the awesomeness of the community of life in which they live then read more about the cross-curricular and cross-grade approach to teaching called Imaginative Ecological Education.  Be sure to download the colouring page at the end!) Yeah, you […]

What is Imaginative Ecological Education? #IEE

Human beings are not refrigerators. Industrial metaphors continue to shape the way we talk and think about education.  This is a problem. Why?  Because there’s no way approaches to teaching/planning that are inspired by factories and assembly lines can support ecological understanding–that sense of one’s implicatedness in all life and the care and concern to do something […]

The Waterbear Colouring Page!

Waterbears are amazing, tiny creatures. And when I say tiny, I mean the size of a period tiny! They exist on every continent, in every country, in your back yard, school yard, the tree across the way, and the grass underfoot. These squishy bags of cute have survived the radiation of space, the immense pressure of […]