Imagine: TEDx West Vancouver 2017 (II)

(Feature image credit: Mauricio Chandia)

I shared the TEDx stage with many inspiring speakers on November 23, 2017 at TEDx West Vancouver.  I continue my TEDx mini-series on imaginED with two educators that highlight the beauty and wonder of Mathematics.

Matt Trask: How To Spend A Math Education 

So I’m willing to bet, that when you think of fractions, you don’t pause to consider how deeply they move your soul…

Synopsis: The rules that govern our universe are written in mathematics and yet most people never learn how to apply math to their own lives in a meaningful way. By the time they graduate our students have spent over 1000 hours studying math. What is the return on that investment?


Dr. Christine Younghusband: Alignment

What I love about teaching mathematics, and learning about mathematics, is finding patterns.

Synopsis: In this talk entitled Alignment, Christine’s message is find your place. She connects her love for mathematics and pattern making to systems thinking through a metaphor of Russian Nesting dolls. Christine suggests that whatever educators want for their students, they should want for themselves. Together educators can not only make ripples [of change] in the system but an make waves of real change.

My talk at TEDx West Vancouver (YOU are a perfinker!)

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