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growing engaged minds; imagining and making better worlds

The Centre For Imagination In Research, Culture, and Education, or CIRCE [pronounced sur-see], has launched from Simon Fraser University! For those of you who were friends of the IERG (the Imaginative Education Research Group), the IERG is getting a major face-lift; it has been transformed into CIRCE! (Here’s the backstory, if you are interested.)

I Need Your Support

A gift for CIRCE followers

As Executive Director of CIRCE, one of my first goals is to build this community. I want to see if we can surpass 1,000 members on our email list as soon as possible!

It’s easy to help:  Join the email list now(You will get this FREE Imaginative Education Starter Kit as a welcome gift when you do). By the way, we are NOT spammers. Being on the email list means you will get 2-3 emails/year about our events and adventures.

Read on to learn more about CIRCE–our mission, our vision, and why you should be a part of it.


What is CIRCE?

CIRCE is an international organization dedicated to imagination in all its varied forms. While we have deep roots, interest, and involvement in the field of education, we branch into a range of other fields including leadership, architecture, business, interior design, the visual arts, marketing, and theatre.

Our Mission

Growing Engaged Minds: Imagining And Making Better Worlds

Our Vision

At CIRCE we aim to

  • serve as a “magnetic hub” for learning, teaching and educational research involving the imagination, creativity, and innovation across BC and Canada and around the world;
  • foster dialogue and collaboration across professional, disciplinary, and cultural boundaries;
  • showcase imagination at work in multiple forms and professional contexts;
  • engage with educators in many different contexts, including public schooling and postsecondary institutions, outdoor, environmental, and experiential education, community and adult education, museums and cultural centres.

Learn more about CIRCE by exploring our all-new website. CIRCE is emerging–the programs, areas of specialization and research that we will be involved in will develop as our community grows. The key? The heart? IMAGINATION.

Who is CIRCE?

If you answer “YES” to any of these questions, then join me at CIRCE!

Do you want to connect with other imaginative humans? Learn and participate with the CIRCE community.

Are you a school or school district who wants to network with other imaginative schools? Join the CIRCE community. (Imaginative Schools Network)

Are you an educational leader that brings imagination and creativity to their leadership? (Imaginative Educational Leadership)

Are you an educator interested in making your teaching more imaginative and stimulating for your students’ creativity? (Prek through post-secondary–Imaginative Education in Action.)

Are you a parent desiring to maximize your child’s imagination and creativity but don’t know how?

Do you know of an organization that values creativity and imagination? That operates in an imaginative way? Would that organization benefit from associating with imaginative, creative, and innovative people around the world? (Become a partner or sponsor for CIRCE.)

Hope you’ll join me in CIRCE–everyone loves a good rhyme, right?

Yours in imagination,


Executive Director, Centre for Imagination In Research, Culture & Education (CIRCE)











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2 thoughts on “Join Me At CIRCE

  1. I am a creativity researcher focused on redefining personal creativity as a lived human experience that is imagination-infused, dynamic, pragmatic, and person-centered. The definition states “creativity is the person-centered process of imagining possibilities and taking inspired, expressive action to make ideas real” (Ockuly, 2018 – in press). My focus is awakening creative potential in higher education, in faculty/educators, and across the lifespan. How might I bring my energy/expertise to your project?

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