Curiosity is a Mental Wanderlust

By Holly BF Warren What is curiosity? Do we need it? How do we feel when we experience it? Why?  How many types of curiosity are there? How long does it last? Curiosity starts with a question, as a spark sometimes in the dark. It is a characteristic of experience, the beginning, or the end, […]

The Chairs in a Circle

By Holly B.F. Warren (Atelierista and creator of the Think Tank) The circle and the chairs How circles weaved our thinking and actions* in the early years And was chosen as best at Milan’s design fair Going back to physical school in September 2020 was an exciting moment. An interesting concept emerged and weaved its […]

Unzipping the Jacket: Using Cognitive Tools to Dissolve Feelings of Otherness Between Students and the Natural World

By Alyssa Dixon (MEd in Imaginative Education, Teacher with Surrey School District) When I was little and would run my fingers over the grass or marvel at the song of a bird I never felt separate or other. As I grew and became entrenched in society, walls (figuratively and literally) began to spring up between […]