5 Amazing Resources For Imaginative History Teaching

#1 blew me away!

Imaginative History teachers tap into the imaginative and emotional lives of their students to make the knowledge they are teaching meaningful. Imaginative History teachers frequently and routinely employ cognitive tools in order to maximize student learning.  Learn more about Imaginative Education or access Tips For Imaginative Educators from the Tools of Imagination Series on this blog.

Here are a few of my latest and greatest finds for imagination-focused HISTORY teaching resources.

This first resource is astonishing.  It blew my mind!  (Thanks for the link Mark Fettes!)


Histography: Timeline of History

I really can’t explain how awesome this is.

I have used the following explanation from The Scout Report (Vol 22 #4) 

“Histography stands as a shining example of the exciting ways that web technology can make learning fun. Originally created as Matan Stauber’s final project at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, the editorial stories and interactive timeline take readers into historical events that span an epic time frame, from the Big Bang to just a few months ago. Drawing from Wikipedia’s seemingly infinite stash of entries, Histography self-updates daily so that readers never miss out on new interpretations of old events, or on the new events that are shaping the world today. The display is reminiscent of a sound wave; entries are ordered chronologically from left to right, increasing in quantity around certain pivotal points in history. Hovering over each black dot reveals the corresponding Wiki Page, Related Events, and even Video clips when available, while resizing the scale at the bottom of the timeline expands or narrows the focus, sharing entries that cover decades, centuries, and even millennia. Thematic timelines have also been created for certain topics, such as Literature, Music, Wars, Politics, Women’s Rights, and others. From the fall of the Kanem Empire (in 1387) to the composition of the first blues song (in 1912), educators and the general reader alike will find much on the site to engage and intellectually enliven conversations of all kinds. [CNH]”

Cognitive tools galore!  Tap into the sense of musicality, sense of mystery, humanization of meaning, the literate eye…

My next 3 recommendations come from Mental Floss–all imaginative educators need to check out this site!


Employ the humanization of meaning tool! Read 10 Famous Birthdays to Celebrate in March by Caitlyn Schneider (Mental Floss)


Tap into the sense of revolt and idealism, humanization of meaning, humour (among other cognitive tools):

8 Times Historical Leaders Threw Their Opponents Out Windows by Courtney Iseman (Mental Floss)



Frame the heroic tale of determination, persistence and struggle through the human lens of BOOKs.  Here Are the Books Ernest Shackleton Brought on His Final Antarctic Expedition by Michele Debczak. (Mental Floss)



My final recommendation for Imaginative educators this week is Uberfacts.  Check out this site on Facebook  or follow @Uberfacts.  This “uberfact” just SCREAMS humanization:  it is a “library” in which you “check out” an actual person/expert rather than a book.  What a way to engage human emotion!



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